DHMIS Shirts & Merch: 13 Intriguing Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Novelties

Green Is Not A Creative Color?  Baffling!

By: RJ Phillips

 “What’s your favorite idea?  Mine is being creative.  How do you get the idea?  I just try to think creatively” – DHMIS Episode #1 

Don’t do it, don’t even do it, unless you welcome this charming little melody sung by an adorable ribbon-haired notebook to repeatedly frequent your soul for the rest of your life! 

Since being presented with this haunting chant, I cannot get it to leave my skull.  It has completely taken over my consciousness and has even crept into my slumber.  I am habitually confounded with torturous self-squabbles as to why Green is not a Creative Color, and am frequently perplexed as to how this seemingly good-natured program started out so pleasant but then drove me to a dark vacant lot at the corner of Elm & Fleet Street and left me for dead. 

I mean seriously, how many of us have subconsciously whistled or hummed along to “I love you, you love me” or “Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away”?  No big deal right?  Somewhat annoying, but they eventually skedaddle with no repercussions.  Well not these befuddling hymns.  Noooo sir (or ma’am).  When you realize your tooting out one of these ditties; you immediately become affected with hair-raising chills and goosebumps reminding you of the horrifying content accompanied by these entrancing melodies.  

What Exactly Is Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared? (or DHMIS For Short)

Monstrosities aside, the presentation of puppets as a form of entertainment has been proven to be fascinating to humans both young and old for generations.  The Muppets, Barney, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street all top the list, but even popular shows such as Crank Yankers & Pee-Wee’s Playhouse come to mind as well.  (For some good old family fun, and a trip down memory lane, check out Ranker for a full list of The Best Puppet TV Shows and vote for your favorite)    

Nevertheless, after viewing the first episode of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared I immediately felt the need to watch it a few times over again due to the shock value that it both visually & musically presented.  Following this, I watched the entire series which consists of 6 episodes and a couple of short “Help” video snippets.  Puppet characters that I got to know and love (or was bewildered by) were The Red Guy, Yellow Guy, Duck Guy, Roy, Notebook (or Notepad as some call it), Tony the Talking Clock, Colin the Computer, Shrignold, and many more.  (FYI: The entire DHMIS Series will be embedded via YouTube at the bottom of this blog for your convenience if you feel you are ready to take the plunge)

In viewing DHMIS numerous times, I began to realize that there was a prolific amount of hidden clues and evidence weaved throughout the web series linking all of the episodes together and ultimately painting a bigger picture.  What that picture is, I’m still not quite exactly sure but that is actually the fun of it.  Not to mention, no one can resist a good game of Seek & Find.     

Since the series has been released, the internet & social media have become stocked with various DHMIS fan theories, hilarious DHMIS reaction videos, philosophical DMHIS analysis blogs, DHMIS lyrics, and of course Awesome DHMIS Merchandise & Apparel which we present to you below.

Pixel Pinion Presents DHMIS Shirts & Merch:


13.  Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Red Guy, Yellow Guy, Duck Guy, T-Shirt


Featuring a simplistic yet colorful graphic, this splendid t-shirt displays the familiar faces of DHMIS’s main characters Red Guy, Duck Guy, and Yellow Guy in a watercolor or pastel type design.  

12.  The Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared “Funny” T-Shirt


The self-proclaimed DHMIS Funny T-Shirt portrays Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck Guy as fun little cartoon characters.  Rightfully so due to the fact that they (SPOILER ALERT!) are converted into cartoons from time to time in the video series.  

11.  The Infamous “Green is Not a Creative Color” T-Shirt


You are guaranteed to get some looks while walking down the street sporting this bold remark.  People in passing will be amok, wondering why such a proclamation must be expressed.  You definitely have some explaining to do you monster!

10.  This Is Not A Creative Shirt


I agree to disagree.  Okay well maybe not creative, but it surely is a clever shirt to say the least.  Obviously we are dealing with a spin-off of the infamous saying displayed in #11 of this list.  However,  Notebook is usually a happy little fellow, why so serious?

9.  Don’t Hug Me I’m Sweater Merch & Apparel 

DHMIS_Iphone_Case Don't-Hug-Me-I'm-Sweater-T-Shirt Don't_Hug_Me_I'm_Sweater_Notebook Don't_Hug_Me_I'm_Sweater_Laptop Case Don't_Hug_Me_I'm_Sweater_Coffee_Mug

Yes, clearly the ugly sweater pattern has even reached DHMIS.  The Red Guy, Yellow Guy, Duck Guy, Notebook, and Tony the Talking Clock are celebrating the holidays together in this festive design, and lucky for you, this  graphic has spread to multiple different platforms such as an iPhone Case, a Notebook, a Laptop Case, and a Coffee Mug.  Merry Christmas DHMIS Shoppers!

8.  19 June Day! Merch & Apparel


19_June_Day!_Coffee_Mug 19_June_Day!_Iphone_Case 19_June_Day!_Laptop_Case 19_June_Day!_Notebook 19-June-Day!-T-Shirt

This symbolic calendar is observed throughout the series and is the perfect design for DHMIS merch and apparel.  Fortunately for you, it is also readily available in a line of numerous different products.   

7.  Rebuttle:  Green is a Creative Colour !

DHMIS Merch Shirts Green is not a creative color

Let’s all live in a world where Green is in fact a creative color.

6.   Don’t Hug Me I’m Sweater Sweatshirt


You can’t have too much of a good thing.  Right?  I mean the holidays are just around the corner.  Just imagine, you plus this epic sweatshirt equals Ugly Christmas Sweater Champion of 2016.  Hands down!

5.  It’s Time To Lurn Together T-Shirt


Besides the awesome Tony the Talking Clock & Notebook design, what’s really cool about this t-shirt is that is an OFFICIAL Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared piece of Merch straight from the DHMIS Series Creator’s Shop.  I think Lurn is spelled wrong though, it just doesn’t look right. 

4.  Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Minecraft Version T-Shirt


Believe it or not, this is the second time this particular design has been listed on Pixel Pinion (Click Here For The First) That’s how cool it is!  The Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Notebook have become totally pixelated, converted into Minecraft characters, and are framed behind a breathtaking Grand Theft Auto Type Font.  Amazing Mashup! 

3.  The Official Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared T-Shirt


This is the one for you DHMIS die-hard fans out there.  Officially Licensed and sold by the creator’s themselves, this is undoubtedly the t-shirt you hard core DHMIS fans need to own.  

2.  Don’t Be STUPID, Friends!  Tony The Talking Clock T-Shirt


Tony’s performance in DHMIS Episode #2 “TIME” is awe-inspiring, therefore landing this sleek design a top spot in the Pixel Pinion list.  Tony has an important message for us all so don’t be stupid and watch his symphonic rant.

1.  The Yellow Guy Sweatshirt


How can this not be #1 on the list?  Not only is it another Official piece of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Merchandise, but Yellow Guy’s mouth can also be used as a pocket.  A Pocket!    ‘nough said.  

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