19 Magnificently Rare Minecraft T-Shirts to Wear at Minefaire or Minecon 2016

…Or to Just Simply Wear as a Minecraft Fan

By: RJ Phillips

Due to the ever-growing popularity of the Mojang masterpiece we all know as Minecraft, it’s extremely easy to walk in to any local department store and grab some basic over-produced Minecraft apparel.  In doing so, just be prepared for that feeling of awkwardness when you’re standing in the lunch line behind someone wearing the exact same “Steve holding a pickaxe” shirt that screams “Hey, My mom shops there too”.

Knowing that you take your Minecraft fandom extremely serious, as do we, Pixel Pinion has dug through the trenches of the internet to bring you the Top 19 Rarest & Admirable Minecraft T-Shirts available to date.  Beware, these are not just shirts however, these are conversation pieces!  Disclaimer:  If you do not like having conversations, you may not want to continue reading any further.

Taking this to another level, if you are actually privileged enough to be attending the upcoming MINEFAIRE (in Philadelphia 2016) or MINECON (in California 2016), you definitely don’t want to be just another face in the crowd.  Do you?  I didn’t think so.  You want to stand out as a true partisan of the Minecraft gaming community.  By snatching a shirt off of this exquisite list, you may find yourself morphing from a general guest to one of the exclusive attractions.  Disclaimer:  Again, if you do not like meeting new people or partaking in human-to-human conversation, this may not be the apparel for you.

Nevertheless, we at Pixel Pinion are extremely grateful for your interest in this article, and we hope you enjoy the following list.  

The Pixel Pinion List:


19. Minecraft Shadows Premium T-ShirtMinecraft Shadows Premium T-ShirtOfficially licensed and created by Jinx, this eerie design combines the likes of the mythical Slender Man with the mystical Enderman, but also gives it that Sleepy Hollow feel.  Goosebumps!

18. Minecraft Space Invaders Mashup T-Shirt

Minecraft Space Invaders Mashup T-Shirt

Also officially licensed by Jinx, the Space Invaders Aliens have been transformed into all of your favorite Minecraft characters while Steve plucks arrows at them from down below.

 17. Five Nights at Freddy’s Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

Five Nights at Freddy's Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

This mashup t-shirt displays the famous Five Night’s at Freddy’s characters (Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica) with the body types of your favorite Minecraft characters.  Obviously the perfect design for the dual fan, especially due to the fact that Freddy and his crew are no strangers to Minecon.

16. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared – Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared - Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

Taking mashups to a whole new level, this t-shirt design combines Minecraft with the YouTube horror/comedy Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared characters.  Red Guy, Yellow Guy, Notepad, and Duck Guy are displayed in pixelated cube form standing behind a clear Grand Theft Auto type clear font.  Interesting videos to say the least; definitely made it weird for Sesame Street and the muppets.

15. Mona Creeper T-Shirt

Mona creeper

We told you that these designs were works of art.  Boom!

14. Attack of the Giant Creeper T-Shirt


 Need we say more, this design is an awesome parody of many retro Sci-Fi Horror books & films.  Very cool graphic.  Would look amazing under a black leather jacket.

13. Minecraft Rancho de Redstone T-Shirt


 Instead of sporting the old Steve holding a pickaxe design, why not go for the Steve swinging a fishing rod while riding a pig design.  We doubt anyone else in the lunch line will be wearing this shirt.

12. TNT T-Shirt

Minecraft TNT Clark Kent T-shirt

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a……….jacked creeper?  Super cool design for a Super Hero or Magic Mike fan.  Put a shirt on for crying out loud!

 11. The Minecraft Survival Glow in the Dark T-Shirt


You can never go wrong with a glow-in-the-dark anything especially if you are seeking attention…in the dark.  However, this design not only glows, but it transforms into a new design once lit.  Kaboom…..Mind Blown!

10. Minecraft Lucky Ocelot T-Shirt


For the minimalist out there, simply put, it’s the Minecraft Lucky Ocelot shirt.

9. Mining Park Jurassic Park Minecraft Mashable T-Shirt

Mining Park Jurassic Park Minecraft Mashable T-Shirt

Why not convert the logo of a smash-hit movie series such as Jurrasic Park into a Minecraft shirt design?  Creepers in the place of T-Rex just works.

8. Steve Pixelhands Edward Scissorhands Mashup T-Shirt

Steve Pixelhands Edward Scissorhands Mashup T-Shirt

This clever design depicts Steve as Edward Scissorhands sculpting his hedges into different Minecraft characters. Johnny Depp would definitely sport this.

7. A Link to the Craft Mashup T-Shirt

A Link to the Craft Mashup T-Shirt

The almighty Link raises the diamond sword as a creeper and a duck (or chicken?) are in the background admiringly gazing at his prolific posture.  Although the background kind of reminds us of a pixelated poop emoji.  

6. Unexpected Builder Surprise T-Shirt

Unexpected Builder Surprise T-Shirt

A shout out to the forefathers of building blocks, this design depicts a Lego minifig holding a pickaxe and smiling, after removing his Steve box-head mask.  Ingenious mashup!  I think if Tinker Toys had a mascot they would have been just as popular.  Epic Fail!

5. Minioncraft Despicable Me Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

Minioncraft Despicable Me Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

Minion + Minecraft + Minioncraft = $$$$$$

4. Timecraft Dr. Who Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

Timecraft Dr. Who Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

You have to let the BBC in on the mashup trend.  Dr. Who and the TARDIS have taken over Steve and the letter “A” in this time travelling design.  Where is the bow tie?

3. Ghastbusters Ghostbusters Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

Ghastbusters Ghostbusters Minecraft Mashup T-Shirt

“I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghast”   Ba Dump Bump…Oh!  Definitely higher on the list due to the newly released remake of the iconic original.  Back in the 80’s, we couldn’t get enough of the ghost design oozing through the red circle/slash.  We’ll see if this design can hold a candle to it.  I don’t think so Ray Parker Jr.  

2. The Usual Suspects Lineup T-Shirt


Caught red handed! Standing approximately 3.5 blocks tall, the Creeper still displays attitude in this design even though he has obviously been apprehended.  Swag like Keyser Söze!

1. Craftman Minecraft Pac-Man Mashup T-Shirt


Paying homage to the former king of video games, this spectacular design stars circular Steve as Pacman, reshaped Creepers as the Ghosts, and Minecraft Weapons as Power Pellets.  It’s the perfect full-circle mashup between the old and the new, and would undoubtedly turn heads at Minefaire, Minecon, or even the lunch line.



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