25 Cool Unique Shower Curtains Can Even Make Cold Showers the Best!

By: Jack Phillips (8th Grader)

Calgon Take Me Away; But Bring a Cool Shower Curtain Along!

Every day you come home from school or work, park your vehicle in your driveway, collect your chain of keys, and make your way inside.  Once inside, you monotonously shed your jacket, chuck your backpack/briefcase, and lifelessly surrender your body to your couch.  Seizing this opportunity to finally kick up your swollen feet up, you maybe read, nap, or mindlessly flip through your 3000 worthless yet expensive TV channels.

After a long day spent in a dirty germ infested environment, perspiring both your  brain and your body, you realize that you are filthy (not to mention you live like a hoarder); therefore you bravely sniff under your armpits to positively confirm this theory. So now that you have completely singed your nose hairs, the best possible thing to do is take a dang shower.  Unwillingly mustering to your nearest bathroom, you rip off your clothes, turn on the water, step into the tub, and then hide behind that moldy crust shield you refer to as a shower curtain while the warm water blasts you in the face. Now that your waking up a little bit, you actually become somewhat productive again therefore you begin to shampoo your hair and scrub your disgusting body clean.  Living in the moment during this rare occasion, your endorphines begin to rise from the dead causing you to spat out a tune in the aquatic bliss.  The problem is, you actually convince yourself that you sound pretty good.  

Nevertheless, as you continue your solo performance in the dramatic steam and fog of the porcelain stage, you begin daydreaming about the roar of the crowd as the magnificent curtain is dropping.  With this in mind, your now gazing at you mold-spotted shower curtain thinking “hell no, this will never do”.   Well your right!  You have soooo many more options over that disease ridden crust shield covering your bathtub and we at Pixel Pinion have decided to educate you on this very topic.  As promised, here is our list of some extremely cool & unique shower curtains that are sure to turn that dull stinky place you do your personal business in into a colorful eye catching attraction that’ll make your guests want to jump in and do theirs too.      

The Pixel Pinion List:


25.  Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Shower Curtain

Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Shower Curtain

24.  Minecraft Custom Pixelated World Shower Curtain

Minecraft Custom Pixelated World Shower Curtain

23.  Scary Five Nights at Freddy’s Animatronic Shower Curtain

Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronic Shower Curtain

22.  Five Nights at Freddy’s BESTIES Shower Curtain

Five Nights at Freddy'd Besties Cool Shower Curtain

One thing that people want the most whilst in the bathtub and/or shower is privacy. And forgetting to lock your bathroom door and someone barges in without knocking can make you shriek but now make them shriek and make them run to the less scarier place in the house to do their business with these spine chilling Five Nights at Freddy’s shower curtains. Well I can’t help you here if you only have the one bathroom.

21.  Metallica And Justice For All Heavy Metal Shower Curtain

Metallica And Justice For All Shower Curtain

20.  Metallica Master of Puppets Heavy Metal Shower Curtain

Metallica Master of Puppets Cool Best Shower Curtain

Metallica can be rockin’ and so can your shower curtains with these epic Metallica shower curtains.

19.  Skrillex Sonny John Moore Portrait Shower Curtain

Skrillex Sonny John Moore Shower Curtain

18.  Skrillex Loove Minimalist Design Shower Curtain

Skrillex Loove Design Shower Curtain

17.  Halo Master Chief Video Game Shower Curtain

Halo Master Chief Video Game Shower Curtain

16.  Pro Donald Trump Make America Great Again 2016 Shower Curtain

Donald Trump Make America Great Again Shower Curtain

15.  Anti Donald “Dump Trump” Poop Emoji Shower Curtain

Donal Dump Trump Funny Poop Emoji Shower Curtain

Yes that’s right folks! Donald Trump is officially president of the United States of America. Not a lot of people are getting along with the fact that he is our next president but might as well give him a chance and maybe he will quite possibly make America great again. He can also make your showers great again with these.

14.  Vintage Old School Cartoon Character Shower Curtain

Vintage Old School Cartoon Characters Shower Curtains

13.  Numerous Assorted Cartoon Characters Fun Rainbow Design 

cool shower curtains best characters

This design features all of your favorite heart warming TV show characters then and now. Why not try playing a game or two of iSpy and see what you or others can find?

12.  The Walking Dead “Don’t Open Dead Inside” Shower Curtain

The Walking Dead Dont Open Dead Inside Shower Curtain

11.  Vintage PAC-MAN & Ghosts Video Game Shower Curtain

Vintage Pac-Man Shower Curtain

10.  Cute Emoji Emoticon Keyboard Design Shower Curtain 

Emoji Keyboard Best Cool Shower Curtain

9.  Colorful Lego Bricks Building Block Patter Shower Curtain

Colorful Lego Bricks Shower Curtain

8.  The Lego Movie Emmet, Wildstyle, & Batman Shower Curtain

Lego Movie Cool Best Shower Curtain

Build your way to a better shower curtain design which features your favorite childhood colored bricks with these bricktastic LEGO bricks and/or Minifigs designs.

7.  Super Villain The Joker Suicide Squad Shower Curtain

Suicide the Joker Shower curtain

6.  Breaking Bad Walter White The One Who Knocks Shower Curtain

5.  Super Mario Bros Classic Mario & Luigi Shower Curtain

Super Mario Luigi Bros Nintendo Shower Curtain

4.  NFL Philadelphia Eagles Midnight Green & Black Shower Curtain

Philadelphia Eagles Shower Curtain Midnight Green Black

3.  Fallout Unique Vault Boy New Vegas Design Shower Curtain

Fallout Vault Boy New Vegas Shower Curtain

2.  Spiderman & The Incredible Hulk Men’s Room Shower Curtain

spiderman and the incredible hulk mens room shower curtain

1.  Star Wars Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Shower Curtain

Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Shower Curtain