29 Crazy Graphic Novelty & Funky Dress Socks

…With a Little Sock History Lesson on the Side

By: RJ Phillips

We wake up every morning and repeatedly enwrap ourselves in attire that has been chosen for us.  Whether it is a school uniform, a business suit, a hot dog costume, or any other appointed ensemble, we surrender our personalities on a daily basis in order to accommodate our 9-5’s.  The demoralizing issue however is the fact that the majority of our time spent on this earth is used to falsely depict our character.  Hence why when you see that bashful coworker in the supermarket rocking a well-worn Misfits T-Shirt you have to do a double take.  Sadly, this relinquishing compliance (that we all fall victim to) subtlety, yet intentionally, morphs us into just another face in the crowd. 


Let Your Feet do the Talking

What if we told you that there may be a way to incorporate your 5-9 into your 9-5 without jeopardizing your reputation and/or most importantly, your paycheck.  A way to express who you really are without drawing too much attention to yourself but just enough for someone to ponder “did I just see what I think I saw?”  A way to make it through your grueling work or school day with a little more spring in your step.  Well there is.  So put on your best pair of floods and we’ll explain how!


Funky Dress Socks Can Be Loud?  Listen Up!

 According to GQ writer David Bazner: “Often overlooked, socks are one of the easiest ways to let people know what kind of mood you’re in. You might think an accessory that spends a good amount of time covered by a pant leg as an item you shouldn’t pay too much attention to, but the fact that you can flash some bold style when you sit down or roll up a cuff is what makes wearing louder socks appealing”. 

Thanks in part to the Hollywood resurrection of the Great Gatsby set back in the roaring 20’s, brightly patterned, bold, fun, and colorful dress socks are back with a vengeance. In simultaneous fashion, funky dress socks warn everyone around you that although you are currently in business mode, a party can erupt at any time (no mullet required).  Be careful though, the brief emanation of a funky dress sock through that small window of the cuff and the shoe can create a magnetizing mystique that may attract the attention of that certain someone. 


The History and Origin of Funky Dress Socks

Before we dive into the list, we just wanted to share this awesome infographic designed by our friends at Blacksocks.com.  As you can see, it was just a matter of time before socks went from animal skins to animal print! 

The History of Dress Socks

Now that your history lesson is over, its time to dive into Pixel Pinion’s epic list of awesome dress socks that truly put the fun in funky!  Be sure to grab a pair for each day of the week.  It’s the only way to survive!

The Pixel Pinion List:


#29.  Popeye the Sailor Man Nostalgic Americana Funky Dress Socks

Popeye the Sailor Man Funky Dress Socks

#28.  Vintage NBA Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers Funky Dress Socks

Allen Iverson 76ers NBA Funky Dress Socks

#27.  Classic MTV Series Beavis and Butthead Funky Dress Socks

Classic Beavis and Butthead MTV Funky Dress Socks

#26.  UFC Legends Conor McGregor Irish Argyle Funky Dress Socks

UFC Conor McGregor Funky Dress Socks

#25.  Star Wars Darth Vader World’s Greatest Dad Funky Dress Socks

Star Wars Darth Vader World's Greatest Dad Funky Dress Socks

#24.  Dexter’s Laboratory Classic Cartoon Network Funky Dress Socks

Dexter's Laboratory Funky Dress Socks

#23.  Hip Hop Icon Slick Rick Old School Rap Funky Dress Socks

Slick Rick Old School Rap Funky Dress Socks

#22.  The Legendary Andre The Giant WWE WWF Funky Dress Socks

Andre the Giant WWE WWF Funky Dress Socks

#21.  The Goonies Iconic Movie Funky Dress Socks

the goonies movie funky dress socks

#20.  Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Tunnels Funky Dress Socks

Vintage Super Mario Dangerous Tunnels Funky Dress Socks

#19.  KISS Destroyer Heavy Metal Album Cover Funky Dress Socks

Kiss Destroyer Album Funky Dress Socks

#18.  Vintage NES Nintendo Duck Hunt Funky Dress Socks

Vintage Nintendo Duck Hunt Funky Dress Socks

#17.  Classic General Mills Lucky Charms Cereal Funky Dress Socks

Classic Lucky Charms Cereal Funky Dress Socks

#16.  Batman’s The Joker Argyle Suicide Squad Funky Dress Socks

The Joker Suicide Squad Funky Dress Socks

#15.  Fallout 4 Vault Boy Video Game Collage Funky Dress Socks

Fallout 4 Vault Boy Collage Funky Dress Socks

#14.  Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Funky Dress Socks

Super Mario Bros Funky Dress Socks

#13.  Slasher Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Funky Dress Socks

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Funky Dress Socks

#12.  Michael Jordan & Looney Toons Space Jam Funky Dress Socks


#11.  METALLICA Holier Than Thou Heavy Metal Funky Dress Socks


#10.  Pokemon Go Pikachu Pokeball Funky Dress Socks

Pokemon Go Pikachu Funky Dress Socks

#9.  The Original Emoji Emoticons 3D Funky Dress Socks

Emoji Emoticon Funky Dress Socks

#8.  Classic Nickelodeon Rugrats Funky Dress Socks 


#7.  Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction Vincent & Jules Funky Dress Socks

Pulp Fiction Vincent & Jules Funky Dress Socks

#6.  Amazing Artist Bob Ross Happy Little Trees Funky Dress Socks

Bob Ross Happy Trees Funky Dress Socks

#5.  Will Smith The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Nike Elite Funky Dress Socks

Funky Dress Socks Will Smith Fresh Prince

#4.  Hollywood Beauty Marilyn Monroe Gangter Funky Dress Socks

Funky Dress socks Marilyn Monroe

#3.  Star Trek Mr. Spock with 3D Ears Funky Dress Socks


#2.  Hillary Clinton Democratic Presidential Candidate Funky Dress Socks

Hillary Clinton Funky Dress Socks

#1.  Donald Trump Republican Presidential Candidate Funky Dress Socks

Donald Trump Funky Dress Socks

Only ranked higher than Hillary because he is obviously funnier looking!

Or, Go With the Comb Over Donald Trump Funky Dress Socks

donald trump combover hair funky dress socks

And for your further viewing pleasure

we introduce The History of Socks