Hi my name is Jack. I am a middle-schooler and the co-creator of Pixel Pinion. In this website I will present a lot of different merchandise and apparel from the trending genres of yesterday and today. It’s a hobby of mine to discover the rarest and most unusual merchandise that’s not only appealing to the human eye, but appealing to the heart of a true collector.

I am doing this because I am fascinated with pixel related merchandise and want help my audience (you) find the best collector’s items out there. So read on, wow your friends & family, and most importantly, confidently & comfortably express yourself. Because If It Comes In Pixels, It Comes In Merch!

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Jack's Dad
Jack's Dad Co-Creator
Hello all, I am Jack’s Dad and also co-creator of Pixel Pinion. This alliance was formed due to a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” situation. You see, Jack has always been fascinated with entertainment merchandise and apparel and often times becomes fixated with discovering the coolest & rarest items to own.

As a result, I decided to assist Jack with turning his passion into a constructive hobby, therefore we created Pixel Pinion. In doing so, Jack was able to learn not only how to coordinate a blog, but build a website from scratch and create great content. I must say, Jack and I have thoroughly enjoyed this process thus far and we are extremely excited to move forward with this project.

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